Saturday, November 20, 2010

Getting prepared for the "dry" season

We had a crack or two in our older water tanks.  This week we replaced two of them.  The one here is a new one.  The dry season goes from around November until April with dry wind and very little rain.  All of our water at the mission home is from rain water or, during the dry season, water trucked in.  You can be sure that we are all very conservative with it and appreciate every drop.

The two tanks to the left are the old ones that were replaced.  We have five large water tanks.
Our kitchen window looks up at the water tank that we use. The Senior Couple (apartment below us) flip a switch which pumps the water for us. (which is electric---and our electricity is the diesel generator.)

Doing dishes after Freetown Zone Conference a few weeks ago.  The tank to the upper left is our water heater for the kitchen.  The little green clip is used to hold a pin in the faucet to let the filtered water come in.  The striped cloth and orange gloves are covering the 3 water filters that clean the rain water; so, we can drink it. (My good husband keeps asking me why the cloth over the filters and I tell him because it looks prettier....) Anyway, we use the unfiltered water to do dishes.  We use dish soap to wash, then use bleach in the rinse water to finish. 
President helping to load the old tanks onto a pick-up truck.  The first tank was smaller and it went up easy.  The first attempt at loading this bigger tank was unsuccessful.

After using a little leverage (ladder to left) and six men, it was hoisted up onto the pick-up. 

Since the pick-up was so top heavy, we really wondered if it would make it up the incline without tipping over.  It made it! Down the road it went!

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