Monday, November 8, 2010

On the road from Kenema to Liberian border...

We thought folks might like to see what the road is like to the Liberian border.  It takes about four hours on this bumpy road.  In the rainy season, it is nearly impassable---or impassable.  During transfers, we take the missionaries on this road and pass them to Elder and Sister Kimball  at the border who then take them to Monrovia.  If transfers are during the same time as Zone Conference or interviews, we will drive with the missionaries all the way to Monrovia.

A llittle more of the road....we sure do enjoy crossing the border and getting on paved roads again!  Not too long ago the road from Freetown to Bo was just like this.  Now, it is all paved and is a nice three-hour drive compared to the 8 1/2 hours it used to take..  In time, this road will paved too, we hope.

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Tyrone Willy K said...

I liked hearing dads voice. :)