Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Miscellaneous pictures

While on the beach a few weeks ago, a beach vendor came by with wood items. Elder Lambson was testing out the drum.
Our excellent assistants, Elder Gunderson and Elder Hickey preparing to make a video about results of the "Fundamentals" of Preach My Gospel, How to Teach.
We saw this patient soul repairing his net while waiting for the water taxi at Lungi in Freetown.
Elder Visser during the super preparation day...

Elder Okeke from Zimbabwe amazed at a "jackalope"! (Elder Jenkins holding postcard)
Elders Moss and Intsiful waiting in Monrovia for their turn with President Roggia.
Elders Essel and Merrill after President's interview crossing the street near their apartment in Monrovia.  Like the yellow car to the left? Double click and see what the bumper says--
Elders Intsiful and Elder Massey during Zone Council preparing to report.
Elder Clawson and Elder Wood walking and talking at the super prep day Oct 3rd.

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lovshinmom said...

I love to look at these pictures. It's neat what you pick out and take pictures of like the yellow care in this set of pictures.