Friday, August 24, 2012

Zone Conferences and New Missionaries in Liberia

View from the airplane as we left the Freetown Airport in Lungi to Accra, Ghana last week.  When new missionaries arrive and missionaries return home after two faithful years, this is what they see.
Flying over Lungi.  Freetown is off in the distance.
Elder Marondera from Zimbabwe arrived in Liberia from the Ghana MTC last week.
Elder Egbu from Ghana
Sister Nyamekye from Ghana
Sister Udenwa Udenwa from Nigeria
Elder Finau from California
Elder Myaka from South Africa
Elder Humphreys from Utah

We did orientation for the new missionaries and trainers at both Zones in Liberia.
Bushrod Island Zone Conference August 21st
Elder Humphreys trying on his new rain boots.  All new missionaries receive rain gear they will use throughout their mission.
Elder Pentreath and Elder Myaka talking with Sister Kirkham before zone conference.
 Elder Buckman and Elder Akwah, Bushrod Island Zone Leaders. (with Elder Humphreys in the background.) :-)
Elder Willis welcoming Sisters to conference.
Elder Harris and Elder Kouao (French speaking).  He has learned so much English and participated in zone conference asking and answering many questions.
Elder Dlamini and Elder Mohlahatsa
Elder Addo and Elder Osifo
During zone conference.
Elder Finau and Elder Willis
Yummy chicken, Elder Humphreys and Elder Dlamini
Elder Essego 
during conference
Elder Pentreath and Elder Myaka heading out...
 Wow! A First in Monrovia!  A brand new stop light that is working and cars are stopping for it!  It is the only stop light in Liberia.  We see old, beat up, non functioning ones but this is new and functions...and is obeyed!  Love it!
Monrovia Zone leaders, Elder Hill and Elder Iyiewuare, with President Roggia during zone conference.
During Zone Conference
Sister Krumm serving lunch
more conference
 Elder Brownson and Elder Smith (with Elder Hill stepping into the photo)
Monrovia Zone... then we hurried out the door and caught the plane to Accra, spent the night and flew into Freetown late yesterday evening.
Nice picture of Elder and Sister Krumm .

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