Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Mix of Pix

Assistants washing dishes after the farewell lasagna last night....
Goodbye pictures of Elders Taylor and Essel
Elder Taylor getting in the truck to head to the wharf. (It was very bright out)
Saying goodbye to Elder Essel... it is always hard to say goodbye.
Our special Sister Missionaries in Bo.
Most of Bo West Zone
Putting away chairs after Zone Conference
Elder Svongwa and Elder Animba
Elder Tawiah and Elder Svongwa, Zone Leaders
Bo East Zone 
Elder Serafine and Elder Wootton
Kenema District waiting for the gate to be unlocked

Kenema District...
Elder and Sister Schlehuber's backyard in their compound.
Bo East Zone Elders 'brushing' or cutting the grass.
Elder Adah
Elder Assumang
Elder Despain
Elder Wootton
After all that working hard, here's what it looked like.
White shirts drying ...
Elder Barth and Elder Appleby
There are more pictures but ran out of time...maybe more tomorrow....

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