Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Freetown Zone Conference today

We had the Freetown Zone conference today.  The pictures aren't the best but at least you get to see your missionary.
Preparing to take pictures
I usually take three pictures of the Zones.  That way I have at least one that turns out.  The first two formal ones didn't turn out and the third, I usually say "do whatever you want---but nothing radical"  This was the only picture that turned out...the others were blurry... As you can see, this was the third one... :-)
 Sister Randall getting a snap of Elder Purcell.  He plays the piano very beautifully and brings the spirit sweetly into the conference.
Enjoying lunch (Elder Randall in the background)
 Our good sister missionaries loving lunch!
Assistants, Elder Appleby and Elder Barth....also enjoying lunch.
Love these missionaries...
 We had a great Freetown Zone Conference with wonderful instruction by the Assistants and President Roggia.  We also discussed the missionary handbook in detail.  Tomorrow is Freetown East Zone Conference and will post those pictures in the afternoon.


Jeff said...

Thank you for the photos. Always good to see my son, Elder Hales and know he got his hair cut. The pictures he sent home looked as if his hair was getting a little long. ha ha :)

The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

I'm getting ready to send you my son Kenny. We have a couple of questions about things to bring...should I post them here or ?