Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Moving Day for Kissy Elders

Moving out of the old Kissy apartment...and the rain was coming down so hard.
Elder Aluka
Elder Rochester and Elder Edwards...they were so soaked from the rain.
Elder Rochester
Elder Edwards helping to move the stove.
Elder Aluka 
Elder Lauritzen...he was thoroughly soaked, too!
Roads to and from the old and new apartment... Good thing for four wheel drive.
Lots of lifting
Elder Mills!  Boots were a great idea!
Oh no!  Wardrobe won't fit.  It will be picked up tomorrow.
Elder Wolfgramm and Elder Clawson
Yep, all the way upstairs with that...
Such a better apartment and so bright! Now to put everything in place. (Sister Lauritzen in the background)
All the work is done and Elder Aluka fell fast asleep after the last load.
They worked hard for several hours, were completely drenched and so happy to be in a bright, new apartment!  We were amazed that they wore their white shirts and ties to move and lift everything out of the very old, worn apartment.  We love you Elders!  (Sis. Lauritzen's pics)

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