Thursday, August 16, 2012

Farewell, Floods and Flights

Tuesday, I walked out of the Mission Office, heard singing and turned on my camera quickly before I missed a special moment.  What a sweet goodbye for Elder Essel.

This is really heavy, heavy rain!  Kissy Chapel parking lot was overcome by the flooding in the streets last week.
New missionaries arriving from the Ghana MTC to Roberts International Airport, Monrovia, Liberia.  This is their first vision of their mission life.  The Kirkhams and the Krumms got them settled in with their trainers/companions.  President Roggia had five missionaries to set apart on Friday who are flying out to the Ghana MTC.  So, we will see these missionaries on Saturday when we fly to Liberia.
The two new sisters with Elder Krumm --- finishing paper work before they went to their new apartment and companions.  Missionaries are always two by two.  Never alone.
Packing up in the truck to go to their apartments/companions.  All had new pillows for their weary heads... :-)
While the new missionaries were arriving in Liberia, another flight landed in Sierra Leone.  President Roggia released six missionaries that Returned with Honor from Nigeria Missions.  They served for two, full, faithful years and were so happy to see family and be back home.  One will fly with us back to Liberia.

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