Saturday, August 4, 2012

Doctor's Visit in Freetown

Elder Mills, Elder Symons and others came in for a physical exam this morning.
Elders Ngerem, Hales and Appleby waiting for their turn.
Sister (Dr.) Keech and Elder Goncolo. We are so grateful for her time to see our missionaries. Last October, she took time from her busy schedule to do exams also. She is board member of Greatest Goals Ministry where she is the US director of a small free clinic in Freetown.  The clinic is manned year round with local health professionals (a nurse and community health officer).  Monies for the clinic is provided by GGM USA.  Once yearly they bring a medical team in from the US to help see patients in the clinic and provide continuing education
to their staff. What a great work and service they are doing!
Elder Mills buying a few things from our small distribution center... Our couples keep it ordered and stocked...a very busy task.  It basically serves all of Sierra Leone.  The couples in Liberia have the same assignment.  We thank them for their help in keeping members and missionaries supplied.  By the way, $1 is equal to 4307 Leones.
 Elders Aluka, Assumang and Ekpo
Waiting for companions to return from Dr. Keech
 Elder Walker
 Elder Appleby (Elder Sumrak bending)
 President Roggia with the Freetown Zone Leaders: Elders Assumang and Ekpo
Preparing and planning...who, what, when, where, how and why.
 Sister Missionaries waiting their turn...
Not  all were looking forward to the visit with the doctor.  They were  just fine!
Elder Sumrak
Thanks to Sister Lauritzen for taking pictures, and Elder and Sister Lauritzen for helping Sister (Dr) Keech arrive at the Mission Office.  And a great big thank you to Dr. Keech! She examined 23 missionaries today.  She flies out tomorrow back to Washington State.  It is just a quick look but one of the missionaries came out of the exam and said, "She said I was strong!"  That means a lot!

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karmusbackwards said...

Thank you so much for posting pictures! It means so so much to check the blog and see new pictures and have an idea of what's going on in the mission and of course, it's great to see our son's face. Thank you so much for your service and kindness. With much love and appreciation, Elder Sumrak's mom (Lisa)