Monday, April 30, 2012

Mission Presidents Interim Seminar in Accra

Where we stayed... 
Dinner outside after meetings at the Area Office.
Server on roller blades at the outdoor cafe'.  Fun to see!
Part of the breakfast was a big "wow" for us!
The room where we were instructed in the Area Office.
Elder Fife and Sister Fife, as Area Medical Advisers, serve all ten missions and about 900 missionaries. They are excellent!  We can call anytime with any issue and they are there for us! How many from the Sierra Leone Freetown Mission can you find in this collection of photos?
 This is a picture Sister Fife took of Elder Priddis and Elder Goncolo in February. One of my favorite pictures. 
They are using it for the cover of a disk they created for all of us too.
 There just isn't anything more fun than to be with my dear husband.
Ghana Accra Temple.  
After pictures and saying our good-byes.  It was wonderful to be taught and to rub shoulders with such good, faithful, kind, gracious, honest, consecrated men and women who are all doing their very best to serve the Lord in His Vineyard all over the world. October will be the next seminar and we eagerly await more uplifting messages and instruction.
Sunset at Lungi while waiting for the water taxi after the flight landed from Accra.

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