Friday, April 13, 2012


Packing the truck in Freetown to drive to Bo and Liberia. Transfers were completed across the border from and to Liberia last night.  President Roggia and I travel to Liberia next week to do interviews with each missionary.  I will take more Liberia pictures at that time and will post about April 28th as we have Mission Presidents Seminar April 23-27 in Accra, Ghana.


Liberia Monrovia Zone
Elder Boakye DL,  Sinkor with Elder Raymond
Elder Obinna, Congo Town with Elder Harris
Elder Taylor, Matadi with Branch Missionary
Elder Opuene, Garnersville with Elder Nickle
Elder Vaughan, DL, New Georgia with Elder Willis
Elder Svongwa, Paynesville with Elder Otaniyuwa ZLs
Sister Usen, Paynesville with Sister Agbonifo
Sister Ashma-Davies, Paynesville with Sister Akpanumoh

Liberia Bushrod Island Zone
Elder Appleby, DL, Caldwell New Georgia with Elder Essego
Sister Jibba, Caldwell with Sister Akwuruoha
Sister Moseray, Upper Caldwell with Sister Lamwaka
Elder Iyiewuare, DL, Duala with Elder Nyaku
Elder Moyo, Brewersville with Elder Buckman ZLs
Elder Smith, Logan Town with Branch Missionary
Elder Chaparadza, DL, New Kru Town/Point 4 with Elder Esiaba
Elder Ekpo, Doe Community with Elder Liufau

Sierra Leone Bo West Zone
Elder Essel, Njagboima with Elder Moss, ZLs
Elder Okeke, DL, New London with Elder Aniabre
Elder Addo, Bo with Elder Coffie
Elder Egbo, DL, Njaie Town with Elder Animba
Sister Squire, Njaboima with Sister Brown
Sister Notayo, New London with Sister Arthur
Sister Lemah, Bo, with Sister Owusu

Sierra Leone Bo East Zone
Elder Adah, Sewa Road with Elder Despain
Elder Assumang, DL, New Barracks with Elder Wootton
Elder Donkor, Messima with Elder Aluka
Elder Stott, Lewabu with Elder Iheanacho ZLs
Elder Purcell, DL, Kenema with Otubu
Elder Dyngee, IDA with Elder Burton
Elder Tawiah, Simbeck with Elder Richards

Sierra Leone Freetown Zone
Elder Akwah, Freetown with Elder Emanuelson ZLs
Elder Jenkins, DL, Belliar Park with Elder Walker
Elder Donaldson, Mt. Aureol, with Elder Ngerem
Elder Stewart, Hill Station, with Elder Symons
Sister Togba, Freetown, with Sister Awuoche
Elder Brownson, DL, Lumley with Elder Turner
Elder Anderson, Goderich with Elder Osifo
Sister Edem, Congo Cross with Sister Sampson
Elder Norton, Dwarzak with Elder Lambson, APs

Sierra Leone Freetown East Zone
Elder Ameworlor, DL, Wellington 1 with Elder Goncolo
Elder Allred, Wellington 2 with Elder Taylor ZLs
Elder Mazani, Kissy 1 with Elder Boateng
Elder Wolfgramm, Kissy 2 with Elder Mills
Elder Hill, Thunder Hill with Elder Rochester
Elder Barth, DL, Grafton with Elder Jones
Elder Wuthrich, Koso Town with Elder Nwaokonko
Elder Asiedu, Rokel with Elder Inyang

New AP  
Elder Lambson with Elder Norton

New ZLs
Bo East Zone: Elder Iheanacho 
Freetown Zone:  Elder Akwah 
Monrovia Zone: Elder Otaniyuwa 
ZL change:
Bushrod Island: Elder Buckman with Elder Moyo

New DLs: 
Elder Ameworlor at Wellington District
Elder Purcell at Kenema District
Elder Boayke at Congo Town District
Elder Brownson at Lumley District
Elder Hill at Kissy District
Elder Egbo at Bo District

Elder Stewart at Hill Station - Elder Symons
Elder Wuthrich at Grafton - Elder Nwaokonko  
Elder Wolfgramm at Kissy 2 - Elder Mills
Elder Barth at Grafton – Elder Jones
Elder Brownson at Lumley - Elder Turner
Elder Tawiah at Simbeck Kenema - Elder Richards
Elder Adah at Sewa Rd - Elder Despain
Sister Squire at Njaboima Bo - Sister Brown
Elder Taylor at Matadi - Branch Missionary
Elder Smith at Logan Town - Branch Missionary
Two young men who can't read "reading" the Book of Mormon by underlining the words: "Jesus Christ, Lord, God, Messiah" .  They were on page 27 in this picture by Elder Ditsi.   We invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.

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