Sunday, April 29, 2012

Liberia and Interviews

We flew into Monrovia this time.  The Kirkhams picked us up and the Krumms took us back.
Bushrod Island Elders
Food, always a hit!
Elder Smith and Elder Liufau with Elder Ekpo in the background.
Baptisms that morning...
Mother so proud of her sons...
Elder Essego and Elder Appleby
Along with food, the missionaries love to see the transfer sheet and find where everyone has moved or not moved !
Sister Missionaries looking at transfer sheet.
We had 250 youth ages 12-18 attend a YM/YW Bushrod Island District Conference.  It lasted most of the day with classes and a final talk by President Roggia.  It was very well organized and a great success!
What a great bunch of youth!!
The Liberians call this a "bird nest" tree.  I understand why.
On the Duala market....looking for pots and pans?
We see so many unusual things carried on motor this man carrying a radiator.
Orange and pink flowers on the same tree.  Amazingly beautiful.
 The last four pictures were at the couples' apartment in Monrovia.
Elder Taylor and a branch missionary he is training.
Elder Boakye and Elder Raymond
Elder Taylor and branch missionary
Elder Harris
Elder Krumm, Senior Couple, with some the Monrovia Zone missionaries
Elder Raymond and Elder Harris
Flowers next to the Sinkor chapel.
Elder Kirkham's birthday.  Sister Krumm made a yummy lemon cake and Elder Kirkham bought Shark's strawberry ice cream.  The "match" on top was the candle for him to blow out.  lol
Elder Nickle...his hair is getting almost white in the sun.
Elder Opuene and Elder Nickle
Elder Vaughan and Elder Willis
Avocado tree... at the Paynesville Chapel.
Leaving Monrovia...
Arriving Accra, Ghana.


Julie said...

Wonderful, wonderful pictures and missionaries!

Misti said...

Oh Sis. Roggia,
Thank you so much for all the wonderful pictures!!Your pictures are the only ones I get to see of Elder Smith! Just seeing him looking healthy and so happy makes a moms heart smile!!
Thanks again!
Misti Smith