Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Monrovia Zone and Leister Peak

Assistants visiting missionary apartments in the Monrovia Zone
After Monrovia Zone Leadership Training which included the zone leaders and district leaders.
The assistants stayed with the Congo Town District Apartment while in Liberia.  They bring their own nets and sheets so they can sleep anywhere during the visits.
Elder Taylor getting some cool things out of their freezer.  We have a freezer in each apartment throughout the mission because the power is off all day.  So it keeps things somewhat cool until the evening. They only  have a generator to give them electricity at night.  We go to Liberia again in two weeks for interviews with President Roggia.  We should be able to see everyone and get pictures of everyone.
We had a Super Preparation day.  We gathered the Freetown Zone together and hiked up to Leister Peak.
We stopped along the way while President Roggia talked to us about Easter and the Savior's timeline.  His message was very inspiring to us all.
 Aren't these carved steps up to a "zinc house" just fantastic?
Freetown Zone Leaders Elder Ditsi and Elder Emanuelson--they organized the journey.
The cell phone always ringing... Heavenly Father's work to do.
Sister missionaries resting a few minutes.
:-) (love to take snaps of my husband)
King Fisher in the tree...beautiful colors.
 Having lunch.
Elder Stewart enjoying it! Rice and chicken and veggies.
Elder Animba and Elder Donaldson
Finishing lunch...notice Elder Stewart still munching...
Elder Harris and Elder Jenkins looking over Freetown
Enjoying the moment...
 Pointing out landmarks... It looks like Elder Norton is picking up the house.
Still grazing...everyone is getting up to leave...
Jumping high ...and Elder Stewart(in red) with extra energy to do so!
Elder Wood focusing just right to get the jump shot!
Elder Anderson making sure he drinks his water...
Elder Jenkins.  The scene was so unbelievable from up here!
Holding onto my hat.  It was windy up there!
It was a very wonderful day together.
Going back down


Julie said...

Beautiful day, beautiful pictures!

Michelle Kelly said...

My parents told me about this Super P-Day, I love the pictures! Especially the ones with my mom and dad in them.

Mike and Gloria said...

great P day; loved the pictures

Jill said...

Guess I don't have to worry about my son, Elder Stewart, getting enough to eat! :) Haha!! Love all your posts- thank you SO much!!

PB'nJ said...

What is a "zinc" house? I have really enjoyed your last few posts. I am reminded that I have it EASY in so many temporal ways. Interesting that sheets and nets allow for rest anywhere, and so everyone brings their own and does not expect to rely on the sheets and nets of others. Sort of like your own personal testimony.

President and Sister Roggia said...

"zinc" or corrugated aluminum tin is used for shelters or houses. A family will live in one of these. So, it is called "zinc" housing. It is a very common sight here.

Jen Paris said...

yep, love all your posts...I am Elder Stewart's aunt (who also knows and loves the Patterson's). Thanks for all you do!