Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Freetown East Zone Interviews

Elder Allred and Elder Taylor, Freetown East Zone Leaders
Elder Wolfgramm and Elder Mills
Getting mail...
talking about the area...
Elder Wuthrich...I barely got this cause they were heading out the door...his companion was several steps ahead...now he had to really run to catch up.
Elder Ameworlor and Elder Goncolo
Elder Rochester and Swarray
Elder Norton and Elder Lambson's backpacks... Nearly worn out after almost two years of non-stop use.
Elder Allred sharing a moment with Swarray...such a sweet little boy.  We are at the Wellington Branch.
Elder Lambson fixing his tie.
Elder Norton is paying complete attention to his every word.
I like this picture because Elder Taylor is looking at Elder Lambson, he is looking at Elder Allred and he is looking at the little boy.... all with caring eyes and faces. What good missionaries!

Elder Taylor lifting the lid of the baptism font.  We are praying for rain.
We have Freetown East Zone Conference this week so should have more pictures of everyone.

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