Monday, September 6, 2010

Lungi Pennisula outside airport

These three children carrying baskets on their heads made for a delightful scene while we were on Lungi waiting for the water taxi last week.

How beautiful is this?  When the missionaries arrive and wait for the water taxi to take them to Freetown, this is what they see.

Waiting for the bus to take us to the airport.  You can see the life vests that we wear for the water taxi.

We see this fantastic view from the airplane as we prepare for landing into Lungi.  Lungi is a pennisula off the coast of Freetown.  To drive it would take about three-six hours even though it is not that far.  To use the water taxi takes about 45 minutes or less and to use the ferry is about an hour plus.

After arriving from the airport last week, we were fortunate to witness fishermen hauling in their nets.  All the the family members work to separate the catch.  They catch sardines, crab, shrimp and various types of fish.
We, however, are fishers of men....

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Bob said...

Thanks for posting all the great pictures. We love see all things going on in the Sierra Leone Freetown Mission. Give our love to Elder Lancaster next time you see him. We pray for all of you often. Bob and Joanne Lancaster