Friday, September 10, 2010

some moooorrreee snaps

Elders, President (back) and Elder Patterson waiting for the "Mighty Change of Heart" youth show to start in Freetown.
ElderMichael Ngaliwa from the Dwarzak Branch left on September 3rd to fly to the Ghana Missionary Training Center.  He will be serving in the Nigeria Port Harcourt Mission.   He had never been on an airplane before or the water taxi.  For him, it is all total faith in the Lord to be on the water and to fly up in the air for three hours.  He is a very courageous young man.  Beside him is President Roggia, his assistants, Elder Gunderson and Elder Hickey.
These two were changing the big light in the church parking lot in Bo, Sierra Leone.  We loved the ladder.  I think it'd be a good project for a boy scout troop to make.  We see ladders like this everywhere we go.

We found this 10" wood carving of a "man reading" along the airport road in Lungi.  We took a little walk while we were waiting for the water taxi and we found this handmade statue.  We say that he is pondering the scriptures constantly.  What a good example for us all!
My good husband liked this walking stick with the lion on it. Sierra Leone means "lion in the mountain". It is very solid and hand made.
We were hungry for pizza so we used Lebanese flatbread with mozzarella cheese, sliced up some canned mushrooms, olives, chopped up some onion, found a six inch long pepperoni and used some tomato sauce with Italian Seasonings, and yum, it was sooooo good.  President said it was as good as any gourmet restaurant.
I don't know what this pretty bird is but he had the orangeist (is that a word? spell check says no) beak and bluest wings you'd ever see.  The camera doesn't do him justice.  Very beautiful...


PB'nJ said...

The bird and the stick and the sculpture are wonderful - REALLY like the sculpture. Love you two!

CJAllred said...

I just read about the Might Change of Heart production in this week's Church News. It sounds like a fabulous opportunity for all the youth involved. Hopefully they can do something like this every few years.