Monday, September 13, 2010

The Mission Office and more...

We have a large area for the mission office with nice flora in Freetown. Every new missionary comes here for orientation before they head out with their trainers.
The District Building in Bo.  One of the nicer buildings in Sierra Leone.
The Sinkor Building in Monrovia, Liberia.  That's Sis. Kimball facing the camera.
Ha! On the way to Liberia we saw this fence...We had a good laugh.
These are the primary children in Kakata Branch in Liberia.  It is way outside of Monrovia.  We heard monkeys, roosters crowing and birds during the services. This chapel was a school building with no glass in the windows and pretty down to earth.

Contrasting to that, in Freetown, we have Lumley Beach.  I smiled seeing the lifeguard stands--all our children were lifeguards and would have loved using one of these.  We don't see any lifeguards, however.  Probably at one time, it was thriving.  You do see lots of people on the beaches walking and sitting and maybe once in a while a few in the water...but not to swim.
This is for all the mothers who last saw their son in a suit.  We hang it in this "sacred" seems to feel like that since these young men, who chose to serve the Lord, take it off, hang it on the hanger and place it here....only to be worn again once they have finished their honorable two-year mission. It is marked with their names. We invite them to come in, take it off the hanger and put it is very interesting to see their faces as they see how they have changed from the time they first put it on. Quite the transformation...
This last picture if for our own mothers, one is 94 years old and the other 82 years old.  We love our mothers. They support us, pray for us, worry about us and love us.   We are happy to be of service and  both are examples of  how to do that.  Thank you for all you've taught us dear mothers.

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lovshinmom said...

The Freetown misson house reminded me of some of the houses in Gone with the Wind.