Friday, September 10, 2010

more "snaps"

Elder Moss, Monrovia, showing us evidence of how a mission changes one.  He started his mission in July and wanted to happily share his achievement.  With all the hours of walking the missionaries do, it isn't surprising to see some weight loss.  The food is different and takes some getting use to also.  We see a trend where most hit a plateau and the weight seems to just stay the same after a while.

Monrovia Zone Leaders: Elder Massey and Elder Grabau having a good laugh. They have 20 missionaries in their zone to shepherd and they do it with faith and humility.


Simply Smith's said...

I had the same thing going with my belt wile on the mish... only it was going out, instead of in. lol

William K. said...

Hey my dear Eder Grabau and Massey. I love you guys. It was a pleasure knowing you both. I'm grateful for your service, help pieces of advise and encouragements. I wish you both the very best in your missionary work and your endeavors in life. Hope to see you some day.

Brother Jallah, Jr.
Paynesville Branch 1
Monrovia-Liberia District