Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ten New Missionaries from Ghana MTC

Tuesday evening we welcomed 10 new missionaries to Sierra Leone!  We are so excited to have them all!
In the bus that takes us to the Hovercraft to journey across the water to Freetown.
The Hovercraft came in at dusk to take us to Freetown.

All our wonderful new missionaries!
Elder and Sister Kanzler preparing to take two elders over the mountain to Grafton after orientation and Taco Soup today.
Heading to Grafton ...
Standing outside the Mission Home waiting to return to the Mission Office to prepare for the trip to Bo in the morning.
Eight plus the Assistants in the van going down the mountain to the Mission Office
Sister and Elder Lauritzen driving the van.  This is fun work!
Off they go to serve the Lord for two years and the Sisters for 18 months!  You are gonna love it!  What a wonderful country to serve a mission!  (That is one of our guards, Hussein, closing the gate.)

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