Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Missionaries in Liberia Orientation

Arriving at Roberts International Airport in Liberia
Yes, we are on the ground in Liberia with the Assistants, Elder Harris and Elder Willis!
Elder Osanebi
 Sister Onwuka
 Elder Fairwell
 Elder Seiya
 Elder Avornu
 Elder Bell
Elder Anderson
 Sister Okeke
Sister Iwenofu
Doing the orientation in the new Liberia Monrovia Mission office.
After the orientation, it takes some organization to get everyone's luggage and more out into the van and trucks.
Elder Osanebi and Elder Willis
Packing up the trucks
"That way!"
More bags...
"Okay, almost loaded, now let's get in and go to our new areas and trainers!"
Elder Harris and Elder Willis prepared the bunkbeds, fed the new elders supper and breakfast, organized all the transfer movements, did the orientation for all nine new ones and then, they clean up their "hotel" for the next transfer.
These are some of the bunkbeds in the Assistants' apartment where the new arriving missionaries spend the night.

Some of the pretty flora around the mission office grounds.  We feel very blessed to have this mission office for the beginning of the new Liberia Monrovia Mission!

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Caish Richins said...

How neat!! I am so excited for Elder Bell :)