Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kenema: First District Conference

Missionaries after Saturday baptisms. We drove into Kenema from Bo this morning and arrived about 9 a.m.
I followed the missionaries around to the back of the building where I saw them folding the dried baptismal clothing...
Walking back around the building
Pretty flowers along the fence.
Bagging up the baptismal clothes to carry back to apartment.
The Assistants came to do exchanges and to spend the night with the 10 elders in Kenema.  Elder Losee, Elder Liufau and Elder Despain walking to catch transport.
Elder Wolfgramm, Elder Richardson and Elder Mosenthal bringing in boxes of curriculum for the Kenema District
Sister Schlehuber coming in after unloading their truck.
This is the Relief Society room where we held the first Auxiliary Training Meeting for the Kenema District
I was particularly touched by the hand embroidered "I Am A Child of God" tablecloth.
"who are so dear and kind to me"... Don't you just love it?
Sunday's Kenema District Conference was held at the top of a bank in Kenema.  There were close to 500 in attendance.
We just love these missionaries!
Leaving the bank after District Conference
Young Women in Kenema saying goodbye!
We will miss everyone!
I like how Elder Chemuru is losing the arm wrestle to the little boy...(Elder Miller on right)
Elder and Sister Schlehuber taking pictures as we leave.  We'll miss them too.

Scenes on the way back to Freetown.  The bottom picture is laundry drying along side the  road.
The Assistants, Elder Wolfgramm and Elder Liufau sleeping as we drove.  It was a busy, wonderful three days in Bo and Kenema.

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These pictures are amazing and wonderful!