Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Enduring to the End Quad-Zone Conference in Liberia

There are 72 missionaries in Liberia now.  That is so wonderful!  These 72 will be the beginning of the Liberia Monrovia Mission starting July 1, 2013.
Such fun!

 After the picture taking and going in to the Sinkor Chapel... 
Five generations from father to great-grandson
Gathering before the quad-zone conference
Sister Miles and Sister Krumm helping Sister Smith serve the food.
Chicken, rice, coleslaw and plantains for lunch made by Sister Smith.  
Good Sisters, we love you!
Good fun
Another "generation"
Elder Guymon (middle) showing Elder Pentreath and Elder Smith how slender he is and Elder Smith trying to show his "rice belly".... :-)
 Elder and Sister Miles enjoying lunch.
Lunch is one of the best things about zone conferences.  This was the first time all four zones were together so many missionaries hadn't seen each other in a long, long time.  President Roggia talked about "Enduring to the End".  We also showed the missionaries the videos of West Africa that the Church has recently put out.  This is our last zone conference in Liberia.  It was sad to say goodbye but so wonderful to see everyone's smiling faces.

The next post will be more of the new missionaries' arrival last week.


Fairwell Family said...

THANK YOU so much for posting pictures! It is wonderful to see our sons smiling face and all those lovely people he is serving the Lord with!! I am Elder Spencer Fairwells mom. I am running a blog for his time in Liberia. is it ok if we use pictures from your blog if we site where they came from? There are some great ones of him! Thanks again! You are amazing!!

Julie said...

Love all these pictures! A mission in Liberia -- wow!!

Rita/Gary Elliott said...

Thank you for posting pictures of your adventures, and our missionaries. We are Elder Tanner Elliott's parents, and have enjoyed seeing pictures of our son, but of ALL the wonderful missionaries serving with you in the Great Sierra Leone Freetown Mission. We are hoping the Kirkhams keep a similar blog! God bless you in your new adventures.
Gary and Rita Elliott