Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wonderful days...

Elder Assumang and Elder Barth
Elder Marveh, Elder Ellsworth and Elder Pabie...all returned with honor missionaries now.
Elder Animba and Elder Asiedu
Elder Inyang and Elder Aniabre
Elder Adah, Elder Essel and Elder Akwah
Missionaries waiting for their group picture.
Freetown Zone, Freetown East Zone, Bo East Zone and Bo West Zone.  
Tried to get everyone in the above pictures...
So Elder Hill's family sees 'proof' that his shoes arrived...
Elder Wuthrich and Elder Osei-Kissy with a lady they are teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Thanks so much for this blog. We scout it regularly for pics of my nephew, Elder Osei-Kissi, and here he is! We hear that none of the letters from family and friends are getting through to him, so it's great to see him and feel we are in touch anyway.
Regards (Aunt) Sara