Monday, March 12, 2012

More February in Liberia and Temple Trip

These are pics from February in Liberia while waiting for Elder Holland's visit.
The missionaries were the recipients of left overs from a District catered meal that Saturday. 
Shaking hands with the Sisters was a wonderful event. There was so much joy in the room.
There was lots of pictures taken by the missionaries.  Because of the late arrival of our guests, the missionary meeting was later in the evening with a quick exit.  We didn't get a group picture with Elder Holland.  We did get one with the dear Sisters, however, and that one was priceless! Go back several posts and you will find it.
We will drive to Liberia in about ten days and will have more snaps.

From Elder and Sister Kirkham:  After, literally months of work and effort (particularly by Elder Krumm - senior missionary) to have everything properly prepared , 68 Liberian Saints left for the Ghana Accra Temple on February 23rd.. It takes 3 1/2 days to get to the temple from Monrovia. They spent 4 days at the temple and then came home. This is Sister Kirkham with some of the 27 saints who left from Bushrod Island District to the temple and were sealed as families for all eternity. See: Temple Marriage

This is one of the two buses that was used. This bus carried 27 members - no air conditioning. The second bus (just like this one) had 41 saints. They had to carry their own food and water. They slept on the ground or on the bus as they traveled. When they got to the temple in Accra, Ghana, they stayed in housing at the temple grounds for four days and then made the 4 day journey back home. This temple trip would not be possible for the Saints if it were not for the Temple Patron Assistance Fund. For many, it is a once in a lifetime experience to have the privilege to go to the temple and receive the ordinances of exaltation there. The Temple Patron Assistance Fund helps pay the expenses for members only the first time they go to be sealed.

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