Saturday, March 17, 2012

At Grafton ...

Elder Asiedu and Elder Stewart in the Mission Office writing home and letters to President Roggia. They had to come in on Tuesday because the internet cafe on Monday, Preparation day,  lost power...their emails were lost.
Elder Barth and Elder Ogama in the Grafton Apartment after Leadership Training.
Elder Ogama and Elder Tade have 30 doxy left....because they have 30 days left till the end of their mission!
Elder Allred (zone leader) doing paperwork....
Are we keeping you awake, Elder Barth?  lol
Elder Wuthrich and Elder Inyang
President Roggia and Elder Taylor (zone leader) and others, talking after our Leadership Training and splits teaching.  President Roggia went out with the missionaries.  It was a very hot day!   

Friday, we drive to Bo, spend a few days, then drive to Liberia.  Will return to Freetown April 1st so will post snaps after that date. 

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