Sunday, March 4, 2012

Visit to Bo...and new missionaries

At one of the missionary apartments in Bo. Elder Moss painted all the iron works recently so that everything looks nice.
Gimpy, a little crippled dog that keeps visiting the apartment. 
Sewa Road rental chapel classroom area.   President waiting for us.
Elder Bennion and Elder Ellsworth
Elder Ellsworth's last day in Bo before flying back home last week.
A few weeks ago, a baptism was scheduled in Bo but there wasn't water in the pipes.  So the missionaries came out to carry water from the well.  The children from the neighborhood all came running and helped carry water into the chapel to the font.  What fun for all!
Elder Stott after helping us Sisters back out from a tight spot. (Sister Schlehuber driving)
And....then, here is Elder Stott running quickly back to the apartment to his companion.
We received five new missionaries from the MTC in Ghana. This is Elder Wooten
Elder Aluka
Elder Otubu
Sister Ewuoche
Sister Owusu
Elder Wood carrying the new sister's luggage that had its rollers broken on the trip to Sierra Leone.  
Loading up the truck to drive to Bo.
Four went to Bo. One stayed in Freetown.
Heading to Bo.
Missionaries sent from Sierra Leone on their way to the Ghana MTC.  All will go to Nigeria.
Today we had an elder return from serving a two-year mission in Nigeria.  The assistants picked him up from the wharf.

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