Friday, February 25, 2011

Zone Conference in Monrovia Zone

Monrovia Zone Conference.  Elder Kimball isn't in the picture because he was doing GPS coordinates for the Monrovia Districts.  It is an all day job going from home to home.  Beside Sister Kimball is our Church Service Missionary Couple, Elder and Sister Smith.  They work with the Young Single Adults Outreach.

Elder Essel, Elder Okeke and Elder Milton "posing" for the snap.
Water!  Always a big drawing point! They are surrounding a large water jug with ice.

Elder Moss and Elder Lambson...MTC mates.

Elders Moss, Lambson, Boateng and Stott.  All were at the MTC together but Elder Boateng.  He came out a few months earlier.

Elder Taylor and Elder Priddis on their way seeking the true in heart after Zone Conference.

Elder Chikwendu and Elder Stott
During Zone Conference in the Sinkor Chapel....
Waiting for transport...

Saying goodbyes till the next Zone Conference...
Along the river as we drove back to Kenema from the Liberian border.

some of the road we drove on....


Melanie said...

We liked all the pics! Rome especially liked the boat :)

Chase & Jen said...

wow.. i really appreciate your pictures and updates. i served in that mission and went home just before the President change. Seeing these pictures makes me remember and miss those people dearly. i dont know if its possible but if you could tell Elders Visser and Kitson-Dodoo that i miss them that would be great! what a blessing to be in those countries!!!
Chase Stice