Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trip to Liberia Last Weekend

Here we are: The Monrovia, Liberia Zone with Elder and Sister Dickson touring the mission.  The couple on the right front is Elder and Sister Smith, called as a Service Missionary Senior Couple.  Our first ones for the area.    We enjoyed their visit so very, very much.
President Roggia set apart Elder Campbell to serve in the Nigeria Enugu Mission.  He actually flew with us to Accra, Ghana on Friday.  He was greeted by the Missionary Training Center staff who took him there to begin his training for the next three weeks.  We were glad to be with him to help him navigate the water taxi and the airport.  It was his first water taxi ride and airplane flight.
The sky going to Accra from Freetown was just so fantastic!  The blues and whites were very vivid.
Elders Lowe, Boateng, Stott, Taylor and Priddis. We are in the Duala Chapel on Bushrod Island.  We had a box to give to Elder Taylor so they came in to watch.  We also brought letters that had come in.
Our Monrovia Zone, Zone Leaders, Elder Intsiful and Elder Massey.  What faithful and happy missionaries!  No wonder the Lord has them serving their fellow missionaries.

Elders after the Bushrod Island District Fireside during which Elder and Sister Dickson spoke.
 More from the Fireside...there were around 400 people there.
Lunch during the Zone Meeting on Monday.  Sister Kimball is the best cook!  She made a great sweet and sour sauce with chicken. (I peeled and minced 80 cloves of garlic...that is a record for me!) The wife of the branch president did the rice, salad and donuts. 
Elder Ellsworth and Elder Essell...that's a lot of "e's" and "l's".
Elders Priddis, Marveh, Boye-Doe, Ellsworth, Guzha and Milton came out together and were at the Missionary Training Center together in February 2010. That's Elder Kimball to the right.
 Elder Dickson was waiting to finish his instruction to the missionaries. It was wonderful, wise and spiritual.
Elder Okeke (O kay kay) and Elder Merrill after the meeting. 
Elder Stott, Elder Chaparadza and Elder Moss, MTC mates back in July 2010.
Leaving after the great meeting of inspiration...

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