Friday, February 4, 2011

Freetown Zone and snaps for the Grandkids

Elder Hickey and Elder Grabau sharing their pizza creation.  They used Lebanese flatbread, found a pizza sauce, used some summer sausage sent from home, cheese and spices.  It was very yum!  Nice having great cooks for assistants.
We found some boxed milk on the shelf.  We can also find powdered milk.  This particular brand was selling for $1 each.  It tastes like milk and probably more like an evaporated variety---but works on cereal or oatmeal.

While waiting for the water taxi bus we saw these fine looking lizards!
As we returned from the airport and were waiting in traffic, we looked up and saw all the bats flying to the great big cotton tree in the center of the city of Freetown.  If you look closely, you will see at least two bats flying.  Just amazing to see right in the middle of the day!

Elder Norton smiling among everyone else preparing to sit down for Freetown Zone Conference.

More lunch...
Elders Ewudzie, Lanari, Allred, Adjei, Visser and Njaga after Zone Conference.  They piled into our vehicle and we took them down the mountain to the mission office.

We saw this very large wall hanging at a cafe' called Momba Point. It was about 2 ft long.  It is a hotel and restaurant.  Grandkids, can you find the fly?

 These weapons were about three feet long.
More wall hangings...about four feet long
My little yellow birds that greet me at the kitchen window every day.  Although, the one with the black head in the upper left is someone new...

What are these called, grandkids?  That is all for now---we go to Bo the 9th and 10th for the Bo Zone Conference.

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