Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bo Zone Feb 9th

When we are up at 5 a.m and on the road at 6 a.m., we see the most beautiful sunrises as we drive to Bo.
Another angle of the sunrise...

We see lots of children on their way to school at that time of day.  They have no school bus.  They walk and walk and walk.

This poor guy really had a heavy load of wood on his bike going uphill.

How about this for a nice little hut?

Yesterday, Elder Mansuray came home from serving 2 years as a full-time missionary in the Nigeria Enugu Mission.  Today as we drove to Bo, we brought him with us to drop him off at his home there.  This is his mother and cousin who were walking along the road.  They were so excited to see him!  His mother insisted that we drive behind them so she could get home to welcome him properly.  (We would have driven her but were packed.)  It was so touching because she ran from house to house clapping telling everyone that her son was home. 

Elder Mansuray, was so thrilled to see his family: cousins, sisters, brothers, grandparents, parents.  They were a lovely family and just so hospitable!

Elder Kenner and Elder Vogl at the Njaboima Chapel in Bo where we had our Bo Zone Conference.

Elder Nyarko, Elder Hickey and Elder Eshun.  Elder Nyarko and Elder Eshun go home to Ghana next week.  They are such good individuals.  We will miss them.  They have a great love for the Lord and the people.

Bo Zone missionaries waiting for conference to start.

Elder Eyinda singing with Elder Kenner playing (he said his mother would like to know that he is playing the piano.  This is one of the few chapels that has one).

We know it looks like all missionaries do is eat.  Since they cook on their own and buy food on their own, a meal that someone else makes is a real treat.  They work so hard from 10 in the morning until the evening teaching and talking to people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  There is no forcing here only gentle invitation to follow Jesus Christ.
THE BO ZONE....although transfers are next week...where will the changes take place.  We receive two new elders from West Africa on Tuesday.  And yes, another trip to Liberia overland driving starting the 19th.

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