Thursday, August 19, 2010

We're leaving on a jet plane....but first the water taxi.

Before Elder Bird and the Jones left, we went to a place called "Country Lodge". It was a very nice place with a beautiful view toward the ocean.  We saw a lovely sunset.  
That was a gorgeous sunset!!.
Elder and Sister Jones, in the middle, with us and Elder and Sister Patterson, on the docks before they got on the Echo Water Taxi to get to the airport.

Elder Bird in his hung in the closet for two years...fits just is his father's.  We'll miss you Elder Bird.

With Elder Bird going home, Elder Gunderson needed a new companion. Our new assistant to the president:  Elder Hickey (on the left.) It is an inspired call...  

The Echo Water Taxi that takes Elder Bird and Elder and Sister Jones to the airport.  We'll be on it Friday as we fly to Ghana, then to Liberia for a few days.  When it is raining so much, the roads are nearly impassable to Liberia so we have to fly.  We'll take lots of pictures of our missionaries in Liberia.

Down to the taxi they go, after the 45 minute ride to the airport, they have about 36 hours of flying to get back home.  Thanks for all your unselfish service to the people in Sierra Leone and Liberia.


PB'nJ said...

I love the way you recognize and honor those who are serving with you. It is so typical of you two. You continue to be good mentors for us. Thanks!

lovshinmom said...

I love the fact that the water taxi is yellow.