Friday, August 6, 2010

Mom, check out these brands...

I'll have to look up what kind of cattle they are, but there are cattle here in Sierra Leone.  As we drove to Kenema, these were being herded down the middle of the road.  I was interested in the brands.  Definitely not like what Dad and Jim did.
This old bull only had one long horn and a brand that looked like a lion had grabbed his hind quarters plus the big "x" on his ribs.

This one looked the most complicated of them about a lot of zeros or circles all over.

There are other brands harder to make out.  These aren't registered Angus but they are obviously in good shape and belong to a growing herd.  Most of these were bulls and healthy.  So, just for you, Mom, thought you'd like to know that there are cattle ranches in Sierra Leone just like in Montana.

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