Monday, August 9, 2010

Missionaries throughout the mission

We set up three long tables at the Bo building's multipurpose room and fed 20 hungry missionaries after zone conference. (president is sitting at the very end) This time we ordered chicken and fries from Sabs.  It is a Lebanese restaurant that makes some good food reasonably priced.  He'll make hamburgers and fries for us too.  We had some cookies and ice water that we brought from Freetown.

There they go....

We took these pictures in July while we were in Liberia outside of one of the chapels.  We'll be back in Liberia in August.

Elders Allred, Emanuelson and Chaparadza heading off to Bo last transfer in July.

Elder Moss and Elder Stott (sitting) (last transfer in July) on their way to Liberia and waiting patiently in the mission office for the four-wheel drive Ford Everest to take them on their long journey.  

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