Friday, August 13, 2010

Sierra Leone and Liberian Missionaries leaving for Nigeria,... and Mary Kay?

Elder Bangura is going to the Nigeria Enugu Mission.  His mother and sister attended his setting apart by President Roggia.  His mother is such a nice, gentle lady.  I'd love to just sit, talk and hear all about her life.

Elder Jusu received his call to go to the Nigeria Lagos Mission.  He and his aunt were the first ones there at the mission office waiting for the doors to open.  He was so eager and happy.
Left to right:  Elder Sesay (to Nigeria Enugu Mission), Elder Bayon (Nigeria Lagos Mission), President Roggia, ElderJabbie (also Nigeria Lagos Mission), Elder Bangura (Nigeria Enugu Mission), Elder Jusu (Nigeria Lagos Mission).  An elder from Liberia also left today out of Monrovia. She will go to the MTC in Ghana also. What a great picture of Elders on their way to serve a two-year full-time mission!  They all had family with them.  We had a class on finances and the assistants to the president gave them a class about mission rules and safety.
It was a happy day for them and for us.
The Senior Couples made them lunches to take and then they were packed up into the van.  Off they went to the docks where they get on the water taxi to get to the airport.  It's about a 45 minute ride on the water.  They wait a couple hours then fly to the Ghana Missionary Training Center for 21 days before they arrive in Nigeria.  They are actually at the MTC with the missionaries that will arrive in our mission Sept 1st.
Driving along the road that goes to our mission home, we see this car with a familiar (and an unlikely to be found here in Freetown) sign in the window....
We had to take a picture to have proof that we actually saw it....


Momma Twitch said...

Awww! I love you guys and I LOVE seeing dad's smile. :) You look like you're loving every minute of it. :)

PB'nJ said...

I keep thinking I would like to hear the stories of some of the people I meet - like the old (very - late 80's I think) woman who lives in our apt. bldg. She doesn't speak English and I only speak enough Korean to take a taxi, shop, and be polite. Too bad.