Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Missionaries in Liberia and Sierra Leone

Elder Hill (with Elder Essego, Assistants) carrying one of the new sister's suitcases that lost its wheels and was torn during flight to Liberia.  It was heavy!
Getting everyone and everything out to the truck after orientation for new missionaries.
We give every new missionary a filtered water bottle, a new mosquito net (blue net with sister) a pillow and rain gear consisting of a rain poncho, umbrella and boots.  When it rains in Liberia and Sierra Leone, it can be long and deep.
We met up with the second part of the same MTC missionaries in the Ghana Accra  Airport.
Arriving in Freetown
The hovercraft from Lungi to Freetown had trouble getting across the water.  It barely made it up on shore.  Elder Maxfield jumping off to the soft sand below.
The three sister missionaries took the ladder.
Assistants, Elder Otaniyuwa and Elder Liufau waiting for the new missionaries to unload off the hovercraft.
Welcome to the Sierra Leone Freetown Mission!

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Happy tips guys and God Bless you always.

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