Thursday, May 30, 2013

Liberia Zone Conferences

Sinkor Zone and Paynesville Zone Conference
Sister Missionaries are the best!
Elder Sekrimi (left) with Elder Myaka was getting over pink shaking hands, no touching anyone or anything!! 
Elder Park, Elder Tolar, Elder Udotim and Elder Brownson
Elder LaMont, Elder Morrison, Elder Smith and Elder Kouao
So good....
Elder Cottrell and Elder Guymon
Paynesville Zone and Sinkor Zone with Elder and Sister Krumm
So fun!
Elder Pentreath and Elder Harris
As we passed them, I tried to get a shot by just putting the camera out the window and guessing... not too bad.. :-)
Brewersville Zone and Bushrod Island Zone Conference with Elder and Sister Hezseltine.
Bushrod Island Zone and Brewersville Zone
Elder Zolo and Elder Montgomery
On the road...
Elder Dlamini, Elder Okunrobo and Elder Osayi
Driving into the chapel complex...Such a joy to see the missionaries!
Elder Nyaku, Elder Bossomtwe , Elder Burr
Wow!  What a perfect shot with the yellow butterfly in front of Elder Widdison's face! (with Elder Elliott and Elder Humphreys)
 Elder Nyaku, Elder Smith and Elder Zaugg
A flurry of activity after Bushrod Island District Conference
A little rain doesn't matter...
Sister Lemah, in the white shirt, was going home so members of the zone wanted pictures with her.

Elder Osayi and Elder Zaugg
Sister Hezseltine in the mirror; I'm in the back set taking the pic and the missionaries are walking out to the road to pick up transport.

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