Sunday, May 12, 2013

Interviews and Entering the Waters of Baptism in Liberia

Elder Erickson and Elder Elliott enjoying the mail they received.
Elder Nabende with his pretty beaded tie.
Elder Finau and Sister Hezseltine going over district leader business
Elder Widdison and Elder Zolo 
Elder Dahlin and Elder Dlamini
Elder Zaugg and Elder Osayi
Elder Humphreys "lifting" Elder Elliott with Elder Skouson smiling.
Ye Elders of Israel
Pictures before baptisms
Elder Ayim smiling as Elder Pearmain adjusts his white tie.
Elder Smith and Elder Ngobi with converts and their mother.
Elder Okrunobo and Elder Finau with family
 Elder Humphreys, Elder Nyaku, and Elder Akwah
More Elders in Israel

A combination of Brewersville Zone and Bushrod Island Zone.
Elder Marondera and Elder Park in their compound
Bedroom of their apartment
Nice clean kitchen...

Elder Smith and Elder Kouao with Elder Krumm
We'll be back in Liberia this week and I will get zone conference pictures of everyone.

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