Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday at the Mission Office

Elder Adjei, one of our office elders.  They are kept so busy every day.  Since we are getting 10 more new sister missionaries, they have been getting the apartment ready for them in Freetown.  Some of the sisters will go to Liberia and Bo also.
Elder Afadi, our other office elder.  We sure love them and are grateful for all the hard work they do.
Elder Tawiah and Elder Afadi chatting for a few minutes.
Elder Wood
Companions Elder Wood and Elder Tawiah....Sister Patterson and I, both, keep telling Elder Wood to eat more!  He said he is eating lots and lots and says he has gained.  Elder Tawiah is the cook.  So the deal is:  Elder Tawiah makes it and Elder Wood eats it.  He has lots of energy, is very happy, healthy and doing well.  They work hard and he works it off.  (to Mama Wood: we are doing a little nagging about eating. Here he is wearing a size 17 shirt. Yes, he got the size 16 but wants to wear this one out first (?) :-) We love them all! )
Sister Patterson noticed Elder Wood had a scrape on his arm.  Their area is quite steep in different sections.  He was wearing rain boots (which is so wise because it just pours and pours here) and slipped on some rocks.  It was healing pretty well but she brought out some first aid creme to help it out plus a band aid. 
As we were backing down the mission office driveway, these two vultures didn't even move as we backed up. Leaning out the window of the vehicle, we snapped this one.  I wondered if they were young birds because they weren't as big or dark as the other ones we've seen.  They didn't seem to want to fly quickly.  Anyway, fun to see up close...

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