Friday, August 5, 2011

New Missionary leaving

 Elder Masada Mbayo (holding little sister with his Mom, Dad and siblings) from Lumley Branch left for the Nigeria Calabar Mission today.  He flies to Accra, Ghana to the Missionary Training Center.  (Never been on an airplane before....the start of many new experiences)
Elder Mbayo was set apart by President Roggia and then the Assistants took him to Government Wharf where he got on the water taxi to Lungi Airport.

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PB'nJ said...

Reflecting on the picture of this missionary and his family leads me to think that this young man is not going on this mission alone, but is taking the love and support of an entire family with him. I would imagine that it is quite a sacrifice to send him out for two years when the family could benefit greatly from wages and work that he could contribute. Impressive demonstration of faith by everyone! I imagine that this experience is repeated often all over the world.