Wednesday, August 3, 2011

On the Ferry (with mission van) to Lungi Airport

We were all packed up in the van, ready to go, when the tire went flat!  Markus to the rescue! The missionaries were in their best white shirts and suits that had been put a way for two years.  They were very uncomfortable just standing there. (They didn't say that, but we could tell they wanted to get right in there helping)
President telling them a story back in the "army" days.
Waiting on deck for the ferry to begin its journey to the wharf near Lungi Airport.
Stairs going up to the top deck to stand or to sit while the ferry sails along.
Elder Smoot (as they all were) pondering the vastness of the eternities... what next?
Our Assistant Elder Priddis, and his new companion (and Assistant) Elder Intsiful...also waiting...took an hour on the ferry to get to Lungi. It was very pleasant though and air was cool.
  Elder and Sister Neves were there, too.  Three of their children came to visit and to see where Mom and Dad serve so diligently every day.  So, they were on the ferry taking the kids back to the airport to fly home.
Sister and Elder Patterson.  He and Elder Priddis did the driving on and off the ferry today.
Coming into port...
love the patchwork sail...

We are waiting for the gray mission van that Elder Patterson is driving off the ferry so we can drive 30 minutes to the airport.

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PB'nJ said...

We miss those "Army days" stories!