Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Travel to Bo and Kenema..

Elder Eyinda and Elder Wood in Bo.  We picked them up while in Bo and dropped them off at their apartment.
They are locking their gate at their apartment compound as we drive away. It was good to see them for a few minutes.
Elders Hilton, Ogoloma, Lancaster and Vaughan at the chapel in Bo. President had interviews that evening so we spent the night in Bo.
A few minutes later, still there.

Elder Moyo and Elder Kenner.  (Elder Moyo is enjoying a lollipop).  
Elder Grabau and Elder Smoot sharing some snaps before Zone Council in Bo.
Elders Grabau, Mazani, Smoot and Laneri in Kenema at the Church building. We stopped by so President could do an interview before we drove to Liberia.
 Elder Laneri and Elder Mazani at their apartment.
As we left Kenema we saw this grand balancing skill.  Look closely. The woman is holding some bowls on her head as she rides with the driver!  These yellow containers most likely will be filled with water.
 These three school girls were walking by the Kenema Chapel on their way to classes. Each school has different colored uniforms.
At the Liberian border, this moth or butterfly was on the ceiling of the immigration building.  The immigration officer and I both thought it was just so beautiful.
Next will be snaps from Monrovia....


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