Friday, March 25, 2011


After Leadership Training at the Sinkor Chapel...  The assistants, with Elder Grabau driving, took some of the elders home.  Then spent time doing lots of training and going out with the missionaries throughout the zone this trip. 
The missionaries in the Bushrod Island District held an Open House.  There were many, many people there.
The Matthews family.  The are going to the temple in June to become a family forever... They were so excited.  They wanted Sister Kimball and I to take pictures of them together.
The Matthews family enjoying Sister Kimball's snaps of them.
Elder Kotey and Elder Marveh.  (Look at a Duty to God booklet. On page 90 you will see Elder Kotey before his mission)
Elder Merrill and Elder Moss after the Bushrod Island District Open House.
 Elder Essel and Elder Ellsworth after the Open House, too.
Sunday, we attended the Congo Town Branch where we saw Elder Taylor and Elder Priddis.
Elder Boateng and Elder Lambson.  Elder Lambson plays the piano for the Matadi Branch on Sundays.  We are so glad he is able to share his skills and brighten Sacrament Meeting with beautiful music.
Elder Smoot and Elder Grabau after Sunday's Devotional at Monrovia District. 
 Br. Wisseh and Elder Smoot.  He was Elder Smoot's companion several months ago and completed his two-year mission.  He was married last month.  It was fun to see him.
This very dear sister was attending the Congo Town Branch.   
Going to Primary?
 This is a family in the Monrovia District who are preparing for the temple this summer also.
President Roggia smiling while Elder Grabau enjoyed the moment. We didn't get to see all the elders this trip but will be back in April for interviews.  There will be more pictures then of everyone.
We usually spend the night in Bo coming from Liberia.  The hotels were full so we drove back to Freetown as the sun was setting.  So gorgeous!  Somehow, I caught this one as we drove.


PB'nJ said...

So many lovely smiles! How many missionaries do you have, and how many branches?

Melanie said...

omg- that last pic of pappa roggia! I said, "Oh my gosh, look at CARMELLA!" they look SO much alike!