Sunday, March 13, 2011

More pics from last week...

Some more pictures during our dual zone special conference with Elder and Sister Dickson.
Sorry, Elder Norton, caught you with your eyes closed but still liked the picture of the other elders....
These elders (Elder Lowe, Elder Massey, Elder Jenkins and Elder Emanuelson) worked so hard setting up over 700 chairs for District Conference in a meeting hall downtown.  When they arrived early to do chairs, there had been a wedding in the hall the night before and all the tables were still up.  So they took down all the tables and when we arrived, they had just started putting upthe chairs. They were just dripping in sweat by then because it was hot and humid out!  When the rest of the East side elders arrived, they all pitched in and got it done.  What great missionaries!

The missionaries and one of the members (with hat) handing out the program as everyone came in.
Elder Dickson talking to the choir after District Conference ended.  Elder Dickson, Sister Dickson and President Roggia spoke plus some of the branch presidents and missionaries.  We had over 500 at this conference.  Now, we drive over to the other meeting hall for the next District Conference.  We had some sandwiches, juice, bananas and cookies as we traveled.  The assistants drove us, the Dicksons, the Pattersons and the Zone Leaders in the mission van.

Isn't this just the best picture?  It is Elder Dogbaste and his brand new companion who came out last week, Elder Assumong coming up the road to the District Conference held at the British Council. We have too many people for one conference so we split it into two.
There were over 600 at this District Conference.  Each meeting was two hours long. Elder and Sister Dickson and President Roggia spoke at this one as well.  Elder Dickson also requested some of the missionaries to bear their testimonies at both conferences.

Tuesday morning, March 8th, we had Leadership Training at the mission home. Elder and Sister Dickson taught the district leaders, trainers and zone leaders about leading the way the Savior does. We made taco soup from the recipe in the January 2011 Friend magazine. President Roggia loves to dish it up for everyone.  It was very good!  (Thanks, Grandma Roggia for the tablecloth.  It works wonderfully.)
We used this ferry to get across the waters to the dock near the airport then hopped on a bus that took us the rest of the way there.  The Dicksons left for Ghana.
These are the boats we saw as we disembarked off the ferry.  We enjoyed the Dickson's visit and the missionaries all loved seeing them.  It was a wonderful privilege to have one of the Lord's special servants and his wife here with us.

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