Friday, January 21, 2011

New Life!

On a personal note:  We had a sweet baby girl born to our son Dean and his wife, Melanie last week: Carmella Riley Roggia.  Yes, grandbabies just keep on coming whether we are there or not. This is #11.
Then, last night at 36 weeks, little Rosalie (#12) came early to our daughter Cathy, and her husband, Jason.  We are so blessed to be able to listen (and even though it is freeze frame,) see our newborn grandchildren.  Two future sister missionaries!  :-) We have had three grandchildren born while we are serving here in the Sierra Leone Freetown Mission.  We are grateful for their health and the health of their mothers.  We count our blessings--and there are too many to count.  We are grateful for the protection and love our Heavenly Father gives to each of us.


lovshinmom said...

beautiful pictures. I think it's wonderful modern day conveniences help you to stay in touch with your family.

PB'nJ said...

Congratulations! We rejoice with you.