Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January transfer 1st phase

Elder Svongwa from Zimbabwe.  He flew in from Accra, Ghana last night.  We fed him and the assistants  dinner.  We took his picture in his suit and then we had him hang it up in the "sacred suit closet" until his two years are complete.  He and his sister are the only members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  His best friend is already in this mission, Elder Mazani. who came out in July.  He is eager to see him again.
Elders Njaga, Visser, Ewudzie, Bennion, Adjei and Laneri.  Elder Bennion is transfering to Bo.  His district and zone leaders wanted to say good-bye.
 The elders who are transferring from Freetown: Elder Amoa-Ohenawka (going to Liberia), Elder Wood, Elder Svongwa, Elder Bennion and Elder Lancaster all going to Bo. The "board" with everyone's picture is a popular spot.  President was taking some time to talk to them about their new areas.
Elders Svongwa, Wood, Lancaster, Amoa-Ohenawka and Bennion before climbing into the truck to go to Bo.
Elder Patterson,, with hands on the vehicle, giving some direction on tying down the tarp with three huge suitcases.
The tarp all tied down with Elder Patterson feeling like it looks tight and right for the four hour drive to Bo.

All the missionaries gathered for a word of prayer before the trip. Elder Neves, on the right, stopped by to say good-bye.  That's Markus in the middle with the striped tie.  He'll be doing the driving to Bo and then to the Liberian border to transfer the missionaries leaving Bo to go to Monrovia.  The Kimballs will come from Monrovia to meet them with missionaries going to Sierra Leone.  Markus will take those five missionaries back to Bo and Friday on to Freetown.
Elder Grabau and Elder Hickey taking just a few minutes to watch the transferring missionaries leave.  They were on the road by 6:45 a.m. picking up all elders who were leaving from Freetown.  We gave them lunch and then they were back out teaching some families the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It had been a busy, full day for all of us in the office.

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