Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Freetown Zone this week.

Five of the elders in the Freetown Zone, who were the "youngest" on mission, taught the Fundamentals of Preach My Gospel, "How to Teach".  This is Elder Norton teaching his portion on receiving revelation through prayer.
Elder Jenkins and Elder Visser standing tall to see if they were the same height.  Each around 6'4"! January is President's Interview month.  Elders were everywhere in the office waiting patiently for their time with President Roggia.
Elder Emanuelson smiling at the joy the missionaries have when they get to see each other and share their testimonies with each other.  It is a wonder to watch and so touching.
The assistants gathering everyone to take back to the East Side of Freetown.
Elder Hickey waiting for Elder Grabau to back up the van and taking an opportunity to practice balancing his scriptures on his head.
When the assistants drive and back out, for safety reasons, one is always on the ground directing the other where to go. (Elder Hickey doing the honors this time)

Elder Grabau backing out with his load of missionaries.  It takes them about an hour to get to the East Side apartments and then about another hour to get back to the Mission Office.

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