Friday, December 3, 2010


This is the St. Paul River (also known as the Ding River) near Monrovia, Liberia.  We went with Elder and Sister Kimball on preparation day in September to find the power plant.  We didn't find it at the time; but the Kimballs did a few weeks later. It had been ruined several years ago.
These are the fishing baskets that the locals make and put into the river to catch small shrimp, crab and small fish.  They are left in the river for a long period of time.
After the fishermen pull up the baskets, they will put their catch in these plastic buckets with holes.  Then, they place the bucket back in the water until they are ready to use their harvest.
The fine gentlemen in the picture above told us how it is done with the baskets.  He, then, showed us another bucket that was a recent catch.  It has some shell fish, shrimp and he also said some small fish.  It had already been culled for the best ones.  We are fishers of the true in heart..
Mother and child along the road near the sweet. The little guy wasn't so sure about us; but warmed up as we talked with them.

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