Sunday, December 16, 2012

Travel, travel, travel

This is the video of the hovercraft carrying Elder and Sister Holland .  
Assistants to the President:  Elder Barth and Elder Otanyiuwa
Heading out among the people in Bo...
Missionaries taking the Bo bus to Freetown.
Loading the luggage on top.
Away they go!  It took about five hours to Freetown. They were stuck in traffic on Kissy Road for a long time and dropped off elders as the bus went through town, but everyone got in.  Thanks to Elder Randall who picked up the rest at the bus station and delivered them to their apartments.  It was a long day of travel. (thanks for the pics of the bus Elder Schlehuber)
How much more can one get in the trunk on a foggy, smokey day?
Not very much to hang on to...  And we are going about 50-60 mph.
Okay.  One big green truck moving over the line on the left, motorbikes, people walking on the right and a man with his bovine (who swerves out in front of our vehicle) and good brakes.  Always grateful for good brakes and quick reactions...

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