Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ode to the Rough road to Liberia

As we drove through the jungle (6 hours), we followed the other missionary truck with three missionaries heading to Liberia.  One of the elders in the truck ahead of us couldn't keep from tossing his cookies...that is how hard and rough the road is... below is a poem written by Elder Vaughan who was in the back seat with the seasick elder:

There is a road,
'tis a wretched road
Twas the wretched
road to L-I-B-

The tale for you today
is of my escapade
of all the way
of the journey I made.

I was picked up in Freetown East
Our driver was Markus the Beast
Our first destination was Bo,
which is a village, so you know.

We drove and drove in eager haste,
Along the fine road we raced,
To sleep the night in Kenema,
for which rhymes only "dilemma"

We woke early the next morning
A beautiful day now dawning
as I looked up in the misty sky
little did I suppose I'd die

on the (w)retched road
to L-I-B-

We blazed away on the jungle trail
bouncing through potholes of enormous scale
I was fighting and fighting with all my will
To keep myself from getting ill.

One of the elders was finally bested,
his stomach was over-contested 
His dark face went sickly-green,
and his skin a sweaty sheen

All of the sudden to our surprise
he leaned out the window before our eyes
before we even had chance to rest
he threw up all over the forest.

With this trip, I cannot lie, 
you must do it or you'll die
With that road you musn't fiddle,
or you'll get stuck in the middle

As for me I'm proud to say
that I survived that endless day.
In the end, it passed by fast, 
and I'm glad I'm home at last.

I learned that day with every ounce
from every jump, jostle, and bounce
what it really means to do
all that God requires of you.

All of this and more did i see
on the (w)retched road to L-I-B-

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PB'nJ said...

Loved the ode to the road. Loved hearing the voices. I am amazed and humbled by your efforts and dedication. Merry Christmas! We love you.