Saturday, December 24, 2011

Continuing on to Liberia two weeks ago and Christmas there.

From Elder Wood and Elder Priddis' view early in the morning on jungle road.
 We liked this van's motto. 
We caught up with Markus and three other missionaries.
 Elder Kirkham and a missionary met up with us at the border.
 Sister Kirkham had made us lunches and everyone loved it that she put their names on the sacks! Yummy lunches with water.
Speaking of water, it is standard to have a bucket full of water to flush.  This is at Immigration's.  It's one of the nicer restrooms.
 We counted at least 35 bags of charcoal just looking from the back. They are really packed in tight!
We are always amazed at the cargo on top of vehicles.  This vehicle is going about 40 or 50 mph.
We tried to tell if this sleeping passenger was tied down or not.  Again, the cars are going about 40 or 50 mph.  We arrived Saturday evening.
The next morning as Sister Edem was walking to Church with her companion, Sister Jibba, a motorcycle veered in front of her and ran over her foot.  After xrays, nothing was broken just bruised; and, the Zone Leaders were there to help and to give her a blessing.
It was several feet to the truck and she couldn't walk so Elder Krumm and Elder Tims did the fireman carry.  Elder Moyo smiling...
The first annual missions reunion for everyone who has ever served a mission from Liberia.  We had 88 show up who had served in Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana or Liberia or Sierra Leone.  They had fun singing "Called to Serve" with great gusto!  They want to do it again next year.  We will most likely get many, many more to come.
Serving Christmas lunch to the missionaries.  We made "subway" sandwiches, chips, fruit salad, cole slaw and donuts. Yummy!

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